When snow comes to Tennessee

First tracks!

Every year we hope we get snow, we watch the forecasts and hope it won’t skirt around us. Smiles all around today when we woke to a couple of inches! Jon headed out on his fat bike to ride the greenways and I headed out with my camera.

When I was working on the Chattanooga Bicycling Routes Book, I rode past a collection of old bikes that formed a fence around the front of a sweet little cottage house. Months later I would meet the owner of that bike fence and we would come to be good friends. Her collection inspired me to keep my eye out for old gems. The first in my collection — a green cruiser-style bike short on spokes — came from Estate of Confusion on Main Street in Chattanooga. We had to do a bit of coercing to get the old bike into the back of my Mini Cooper, but it made it home to Knoxville safely and is now a proud participant in my own bike fence. Every season I find great joy in photographing the bike fence. Snow is one of my favorite times to grab my camera to see what catches my eye.

Snow Covered Bike Fence


Spokeless – a gem from Estate of Confusion shop on Main Street in Chattanooga


Lovely old bike speckled with hues of rust