Amber Waves of Grain

Those Amber Waves of Grain

Rolling hills of fall color

What cyclist doesn’t absolutely love fall! What’s not to love when the weather turns cool and the humidity drops, deep blue skies hover over amber fields of grain, and leaves sprinkle like rain? Ok, I can think of one thing — gnats! They hangout in shady wooded sections along the route and heaven forbid if your mouth is partially open or your glasses not securely covering your eyes because those guys are all over you in seconds, but hey, it’s a small price to pay for all the amazing wonderfulness of fall! Don’t you agree.

We’ve had lots of rain this week, almost every day, so it was really nice to have an afternoon with blue skies. The wind was up so leaves were falling like rain, but surprisingly I had a tailwind the whole ride — how does that happen? Past by an old abandoned house that I’ve ridden by all summer and it really isn’t all that impressive (even though that didn’t stop me from capturing it on my camera) but surprisingly fall complements this old rusty, shabby house. The colors bring out the roof in a nice sort of way.

Old House on Glover Road

Fall complements this old abandoned farmhouse!

One thing that I like about Facebook is changing my cover photos often and the reason is that I love making horizontal images. Landscapes often lend themselves to this format. When out cycling I look for these types of pictures. I haven’t framed any yet, but I’m collecting which is step number one for me. Here’s a sample of the first image cropped as a horizontal format.

Try cropping your landscapes into a horizontal format

Fall Horizontal Kyker Bottoms

Ridges with a few trees lend themselves to horizontal formatting

One last shot to share from a ride last week. I had to take cover for a quick storm that came up but afterwards the clouds were gorgeous and this field caught my eye.

Storm Clouds Moving Out

Storm Clouds Moving Out

Enjoy this beautiful season as it never stays around long enough!