Bundle up!

Here in Tennessee we are so fortunate to get to ride year round. Some of my favorite pictures are from winter landscapes. The brown tint of the earth, hazy blue skies, and the barrenness of trees are warming to my heart on a chilly day. I’m not saying that winter is my favorite time of the year by any means. I don’t relish being cold or bundled up in a hundred layers. But there is beauty in all seasons and winter is no exception. Here are a few of my favorite shots from Knoxville and Chattanooga. Hope you get to stay in the saddle year round. Happy Holidays from Backroad Cycling!

winter skies

Winter Skies – Knoxville Area

winter on the farm

Winter On The Farm – Chattanooga Area

Holiday ribbon on an old barndoor

A touch of the Holiday spirit on this old barn door

Old McDonald’s Farm


Old McDonald’s Farm, circa 1821

Thumbing through the fall issue of Tennessee Home & Farm magazine, page 28, I pleasantly came across an article on the Old McDonald’s Farm in Sale Creek, just north of Chattanooga. I’ve cycled by that farm many times. The area is so picturesque; a perfect route for our Bicycle Routes Around Chattanooga book — you’ll find the cue sheet and map on page 140 —From the River to the Old McDonald’s Farm.

Nestled at the base of Walden’s Ridge, the farm stretches across 1700 acres off Coulterville Road.  Eight generations have worked the farm that was settled back in 1821. The 700 acres that are cultivated each year provide corn, soybeans, wheat, straw, and grass hay in addition to feeding a heard of Angus beef cattle.

Each fall, the farm opens it’s gates to the public for a variety of fun fall activities — picking pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, getting lost in a corn maze, touring the farm on a hay wagon, and cuddling up with baby farm animals. One of their newest attractions for the kids is called Farm Life Experience where they can gather eggs, feed the pigs, pick tomatoes, corn, and apples and gather potatoes and onions. Perfect scenario for teaching kids where their food originates and the work put in to produce it. It’s also a great way for kids and adults to learn the value of family farms and the wonders of agriculture! Dates for the farm visits are weekends from September 12th through October 31.

Gather the kids, hop on your bikes and head out to the Old McDonald farm — you might want to sing a verse or two along the way. Old McDonald had a farm….E-I-E-I-O….


Walden’s Ridge borders the farm


View of the Farm from Coulterville Road