Farmhouse on Blaines Chapel Road

Abandoned Farmhouse on Blaines Chapel Road in Rutledge, TN

Discovering new backroads with new scenes to photograph, new twists and turns and hills to climb and descend — it’s the adventure we seek when we head out! Lately, I’ve been on a mission to reride the routes in our guide books. Along the way, I’m documenting the abandoned old farmhouses and barns that are slowly crumbling to the ground. Rarely do I see someone trying to restore these old beauties. They are such a treasure to me and although at the moment I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do with my growing photo collection, I’m just happy to ride and discover these charming old places! My Pinterest board featuring Abandoned Old Houses around Knoxville is a start.

Old Sedan Tarwater Road, Knoxville TN

Sadly this old sedan in South Knoxville has been reduced to rust

My collection of photos also includes old cars, trucks and tractors, critters along the way, and anything else that catches my eye. Needless to say, I’m not a fast rider these days — I’ve even taken to riding my touring bike most of the time so I can carry my large, heavy, DSLR camera for those shots that require more zoom…plus it’s just more fun to look through the viewfinder and play around with settings. My small, lightweight point-and-shoot is always with me as it’s perfect for ride-by-shootings. Wearing it slung around back, it’s my quick-draw-mcgraw camera (who remembers Quick Draw McGraw?) fast and easy to swing around and shoot while riding.

US Bicycle Route SystemMy goal for starting this blog is to share photos, tales from the road, and new routes that get discovered along the way. One such route that I’m particularly excited about is the development of US Bike Route 21, currently in the design stage. The route when completed will connect Knoxville-Chattanooga-Rome-Atlanta (ultimately starting at Lake Erie). USBR 121 will connect Nashville and Chattanooga with another route to connect Knoxville to Nashville. I’m thrilled to be helping with this project and will post about its progress as the sections come together. Cyclists are invited to ride the route or sections thereof and offer their suggestions and comments. Visit Adventure Cycling’s website for complete details on the US Bicycle Route System.